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PD Armor: High Gloss Protection for Plasti Dip

“The good news: It’s not new, you just didn’t hear about it”


PD Armor Gloss 
♦Scratch & Solvent resistant
♦Protection against fuel spills
♦Wet sanding / polish for smoother finish
♦Durable Top Coating
♦High Gloss finish  


PD Armor Matte
♦Solvent resistant
♦Protection against fuel spills
♦Durable Top Coating
♦Satin Finish 


PD Armor Protection

Carwaii infosheet

No matter what brand dip you use, nothing hurts more then spilling fuel on your dipped car.

Or that hard to remove dirt, when you leave the car outside.
Not to forget break dust and oil covered garage hands.
Those stains are no more with PD Armor.
Clean your dipped car just like you used to, with PD Armor Gloss it’s possible.


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Our company

2011-In these early days of Dipping, a group of automotive and (extreme) racing enthusiasts started with Plasti Dipping cars.
At first for the cars on the track in creative coloring and artwork.
2012-Specializing in Plasti Dip products the group started a company called CARWAii.

As official Plasti Dip distributor for Taiwan and other countries in Asia, the mission was clear:
To bring this new way of coloring your car, and protecting it with a flexible coating, to Carwaii customers.
However, as an “almost perfect” product, Plasti Dip needs some extra protection to get that 100% finish.

Being innovative from the beginning, Carwaii engineers soon developed a new top coating:
The ultimate protection: a fuel resistant coating for Plasti Dip.201309112258366790
Even better, they made it in a High Gloss and Matte finish.
This protective coating for Plasti Dip is called: PD Armor
And it didn’t stop just there.
Have a look around to get to know our other products like our CARWAii R2S Dip.

CARWAii Europe brings you the same quality products that CARWAii offers to the Dip users in Asia, and around the world.



1965574_648574118524913_6110351309764924068_o Infinity FX35 Carwaii · PD Armor Matte · Projects
10317547_654191107963214_1780692805796263931_o F150 Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · Projects
481411_459933497429527_2064872331_n GTR R35 Carwaii · Projects
1064772_522585847790408_1465659724_o-1024x681 Viper Centennial Edition Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · PD Armor Matte · Projects
1653776_596961903705352_2951400369107867453_n Porsche Cayman Carwaii · PD Armor Matte · Plastidip · Projects
10010341_596979120370297_5518511337502981386_o PD Armor & Plasti Dip Projects Mercedes Benz 350 Carwaii · Carwaii support · PD Armor Gloss · Projects
10014104_606625722738970_7778134493990345022_o Bentley Continental GT Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · Projects · Samples
10320925_615914531810089_2650318236173421191_o SLS AMG Carwaii · PD Armor Matte · Projects
1498998_623631144371761_542345357726473071_o NIssan GTR Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · PD Armor Matte · Samples
10454493_629819733752902_9147057941890753137_n Maserati GranTurismo Carwaii · PD Armor Matte · Projects
10658837_681268715274670_8883018564026080464_o Carwaii Dip Clear-PD Armor Gloss- Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · Samples
10708747_694116987323176_272102188031823099_o Chameleon & PD Armor Gloss Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · Samples
10457731_632366893498186_571931466871700114_o Mustang GT 500 Stage 3 Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · PD Armor Matte · Projects
1507524_605475909520618_2179907506795544132_o Mustang “Red & Dark” GT 500 Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · PD Armor Matte · Projects · Samples
11157426_1578409205768463_7813063496066286194_o Carwai colors Carwaii · Samples
10580798_709874715728186_7422661279470814774_o Mercedes SLK Carwaii · PD Armor Matte · Projects
1410856_721728197876171_3002370020898469815_o Honda NM4 Carwaii · PD Armor Gloss · PD Armor Matte · Projects
1899237_721639617885029_2373120998921428505_o Carwaii R2S Dip + PD ARMOR GlOSS – Wet Sanding /Polish Carwaii · Carwaii support · PD Armor Gloss


company details

Carwaii is located at WTC The Hague Business Center

Carwaii Europe Office

WTC The Hague Business Center
Prinses Margrietplantsoen 25
2595 AM
The Hague
Mobile : +31-628244649
Office : +31-702112494
K.v.K : 60338938
BANK : NL87INGB0006505893


Carwaii Europe Distribution

Binckhorstlaan 36
Postcode: 2516 BE
The Hague

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As a service to our customers we also offer other brands of Dip such as HaloEfX and Plasti Dip

Available early 2016

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